Case Study

Sustaining Visibility: How CompCare's Consistent Social Media Posting Keeps Them In The Limelight

About the company

CompCare Urgent Care provides specialized care for workplace illnesses, injuries, and harmful exposures. They streamline the occupational health services and urgent care experience by eliminating barriers such as complicated scheduling, long wait times, and excessive paperwork. They also ensure that claims are processed efficiently, enabling employees to receive same-day walk-in care.

The Challenge

CompCare Urgent Care, like many businesses, struggled to maintain visibility on social media platforms. With the constant influx of new content and the highly competitive nature of social media, it was a challenge to ensure that CompCare's message and services are reaching the right audience.

The Solution

OnyxMedia developed a comprehensive social media strategy for CompCare Urgent Care to maintain visibility on social media platforms.

Our strategy includes:

▪️ Setting specific, measurable goals for social media engagement and reach.
▪️ Conducting regular audience research to understand demographics, interests, and pain points.
▪️ Identifying the most appropriate social media platforms for the target audience.
▪️ Creating a content calendar that aligns with business goals and addresses audience interests.
▪️ Continuously monitoring the social media trends and adapt to them.

Examples of CompCare's
social media posts

Shoutout to OnyxMedia for providing social media content for various platforms, including linkedin, instagram, facebook and more. We've been using OnyxMedia for about two years now, will continue to be with them.

They do a great job prices, very affordable services more professional than others.We really love the content They create they give you a great opportunity to edit your posts before they go out and we've seen a huge increase in user feedback for our offices.
Thanks OnyxMedia.

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