Case Study

Elevating Brand Identity: How Image212 Strengthened Their Messaging and Connected with Their Customer Base

About the company

Image 212° is a full-service creative studio focused on visual communication solutions. They specialize in custom signage, large format signage, outdoor monument signs, pylon signs, indoor signs, wall murals, window films, floor graphics, ADA signs, lobby signs, custom art, trade shows, events and promotional items.

The Challenge

Image212 faced the challenge of delivering consistent content and messaging across multiple social media platforms, which hindered their ability to effectively communicate their brand identity and professionalism to their customers.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge at hand, OnyxMedia devised a two-pronged strategy that involved implementing a content calendar and maintaining consistency in the visual identity across Image212's social media platforms. By creating a content calendar, we were able to schedule and plan out posts well in advance, allowing for a steady and consistent flow of content that kept customers engaged.

Additionally, by ensuring consistency in the use of the company's logo, colors, and imagery across all platforms, we were able to establish a strong recognition and familiarity with the Image212 brand, helping to solidify their presence in the minds of customers.

Examples of Image212's
social media posts

OnyxMedia has been a reliable and great partner for image212.Over the past couple of years, our account manager Misty is a helpful, creative and flexible partner and has put together some great content for us and helps to keep our messages fresh and relevant for our customers.

Onyx has been helpful in educating our customers and other vendor partners with their contributions to our social media. They've also helped to reinforce our branding, our messaging to our customer base. They delivered some consistent content, and consistent messaging in multiple social media platforms and they've also helped us to enhance our professionalism with our customers.

So a big shout out to OnyxMedia and their contributions to image212 and the DFW sign company. Thank you.

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