Case Study

Maintaining Visibility: How SpaceChain's Consistent Posting Keeps Them at the Forefront

About the company

As the leading integrator of space technology and blockchain, SpaceChain is helping enterprises and organizations harness the ultra-security and immutability of space-grade infrastructure to protect their digital assets from hackers and cybercriminals. The Singapore space company’s vision is to build a collaborative, accessible, and blockchain-integrated satellite infrastructure for the global community. To do so, SpaceChain focuses on the integration of space and blockchain technologies, leveraging satellite platforms, and bringing security and accessibility to the blockchain industry.

The Challenge

One of the challenges that SpaceChain faces is staying current with the latest social media trends and best practices. As the platform is constantly evolving, it can be difficult for the company to effectively reach its target audience. Additionally, managing social media posts can be a time-consuming task, especially without a dedicated social media team in place.

The Solution

Since partnering with SpaceChain, we provided them with the expertise and resources needed to effectively manage their social media presence. Our team has handled everything from post creation, visuals, and scheduling to their social media pages.

Examples of SpaceChain's
social media posts

We started working with OnyxMedia for 4-5 months ago and I must say, we are really happy with their service. We haven't looked back since. They have really helped us boost our social media engagement, growing our following and also build brand awareness for our company. For their monthly pricing, OnyxMedia offers great value and has tremendously eased our workload.

The visuals and captions are eye-catching and bold. We have also noticed that we have better social data analytics since we've worked with them. Whenever we have any problems with OnyxMedia, they are quick to help clarify and rectify the issue and address our concerns. They're also very adaptable to our needs.

We highly recommend OnyxMedia for anyone who's looking for seamless and affordable way to manage the social media post. Thank you.

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