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We started working with OnyxMedia for 4-5 months ago and I must say, we are really happy with their service. We haven't looked back since. They have really helped us boost our social media engagement, growing our following and also build brand awareness for our company. For their monthly pricing, OnyxMedia offers great value and has tremendously eased our workload.

Nicolette Ong,

Onyx has been helpful in educating our customers and other vendor partners with their contributions to our social media. They've also helped to reinforce our branding, our messaging to our customer base. They delivered some consistent content, and consistent messaging in multiple social media platforms and they've also helped us to enhance our professionalism with our customers.

Dick Cassidy,

We really love the content They create they give you a great opportunity to edit your posts before they go out and we've seen a huge increase in user feedback for our offices. Thanks OnyxMedia.

Cooper Rendon, CEO
CompCare Urgent Care

When it's time to doing more posts, they set it up so that I can review them and it's easy through google doc to make the adjustments. And it's easy to email my rep, which is Anne and get everything out in the post line so that social media is always live and doing good. So thanks guys, It's been working great.

Jevon Perra,
JCap Lending

We have now worked with Misty and the OnyxMedia team for over a year and they have become integral to the success of our business.

Chad Anderson,
Cirrius Solutions Inc.

We have been working with OnyxMedia for over one year! Their customer service and response time is excellent. They create wonderful content and are always open to constructive feedback. We always feel comfortable with their work and will continue using this service moving forward. We would recommend without any reservation!

Vivek Patel,

Working with Anne and the team at Onyx Media has been a great experience for me and Seniors Blue Book Minnesota!  Their customer service is a 10 - they are always very timely and helpful with any questions or changes needing to be made.  Their ad designs and posts are very good.  I have had many people comment on the posts and they definitely drive customers to my website!  I would not hesitate to recommend Onyx Media!

Janell Beck,Senior’s Bluebook Minnesota

It’s been a pleasure working with the Onyx team for almost a year now. In a very short time, they have picked up the knowledge needed to understand our domain and helped create a strong social media presence for us. I have enjoyed working with their team – very collaborative with excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend Onyx to boost your social media initiatives.

Avik Pal,

This is Mike from Senga Engineering.  Working with Onyx has been great.  I’m not a social media blogger, but I wanted to gain more exposure on LinkedIn.Since collaborating with Onyx Media to generate professional and informative posts about our business, we’ve gained more site visits, more impressions, and our followers have tripled!

Mike Irion,
Senga Engineering

We have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and expertise OnyxMedia brought to the table. From the very beginning, they took the time to understand our brand and its voice fully. They were able to craft engaging and relevant content that genuinely resonated with our niche audience. As a result, we saw a significant increase in traffic and engagement on our social media channels.

Jason Abrahams,
Commonwealth Diagnostics International, Inc.

Ever since we started working with OnyxMedia, I don’t need to worry about keeping our LinkedIn profile busy anymore. We post some highlights ourselves whenever we want to, but we don’t have any pressure as OnyxMedia takes care of a solid “background noise”. Also, we really like how fast they understood our industry and provided bullet proof content. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ina Brunner,
Faru Services GMBH

TechAccelerator has been using OnyxMedia for more than a year now.  We are very pleased with the ease of use of creating posts and the professionalism of the Onyx team.  They make life so much easier!

Greg Duplessie,

Onyx media write and publish all our social media posts. We have a rather specialized business, but they understood it quickly and were writing eye-catching and relevant posts from month one. On average, about 12 are ready to go each month, and we request image edits to about three, which they turn around the next day. We’re editors, so we often tweak the copy to get exactly what we want, but revisions don’t take us more than one hour a month. That’s about 20 hours less than it would take us to do the whole thing ourselves.”

Tim Parker,

Meet the founder - Frederik Denuit

Frederik has been running an online business for 11 years and founded OnyxMedia in 2018.

Since the start in 2018 OnyxMedia has grown to a team of 17 people and services 300+ clients all over the world!

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We have now worked with Misty and the OnyxMedia team for over a year and they have become integral to the success of our business.

Chad Anderson,
Cirrius Solutions Inc.